Securely connect Macs with remote networks

Compare VPN Tracker Pro with VPN Tracker

We offer two different versions of VPN Tracker to fit your requirements. Find out which version is right for you.

VPN Tracker

VPN Tracker is designed for individual users and for end users in corporate environments. It’s perfect for getting connected to an office or home network.

VPN Tracker Pro

VPN Tracker Pro adds advanced features for consultants, network admins and IT experts. VPN Tracker Pro is a great asset if you are a consultant, a system or network administrator, or are working with multiple VPN connections:

  • Export VPN connections for yourself and other users.
  • Scan the remote network for services or to assist users.
  • Connect to multiple VPNs at the same time.
  • Manage a large number of VPNs using search, a condensed layout, and connection groups
  • Configure your Mac as a router to provide the entire network with a VPN tunnel using Network to Network connections.
  • Control your OS X L2TP/PPTP VPN right within VPN Tracker

Compare VPN Tracker to VPN Tracker Pro. Please refer to our FAQ for a comparsion of VPN Tracker 6 Editions.

VPN Tracker VPN Tracker Pro
Useful Tools
Network Scanner No Yes
Accounting No Yes
Secure Desktop Yes Yes
Ping Tool / DNS Lookup Tool Yes Yes
Connect to one VPN Yes Yes
Connect to multiple VPNs at the same time No Yes
Connect two sites (Network to Network) No Yes
Integration of OS X PPTP/L2TP VPN No Yes
Export No Yes
Organize your connections in groups No Yes
Use a condensed layout No Yes
Search for connections No Yes
No Yes

System Requirements

  • VPN Tracker 8 fully supports OS X 10.10 Yosemite and also runs on OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • VPN Tracker 7 is recommended for Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.8
  • VPN Tracker 6 is recommended for Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.6
  • Internet connection

Note: With the optional Protection Plan, you can transfer your current VPN Tracker to every future upgrade at no extra cost. The VPN Tracker Protection Plan runs 36 months, with the possibility to renew at any time.

VPN Technologies


VPN Standards

  • IPsec VPN
  • Access OS X L2TP and PPTP connections in VPN Tracker Pro


Automatic Configuration

  • Mode Config (NETGEAR, Juniper Networks ...)
  • Cisco EasyVPN
  • WatchGuard Mobile User VPN
  • SonicWALL Simple Client Provisioning
  • SonicWALL DHCP over VPN



  • Host-to-Network (Split-Tunneling)
  • Host-to-Everywhere (Tunnel All Traffic)
  • Host-to-Host
  • Network-to-Network (requires VPN Tracker 8 Pro)
  • Remote DNS
  • Reverse Remote DNS
  • IPv6



Encryption Algorithms

  • AES-256, AES-192, AES-128 encryption
  • 3DES, DES, DES-IV64, DES-IV32

Hash Algorithms

  • SHA-2 (SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512)
  • SHA-1
  • MD5


Diffie-Hellman (DH) Key Exchange

  • Groups 14 to 18 (up to 8192 bit)
  • Group 5 (1536 bit)
  • Group 2 (1024 bit)
  • Group 1 (768 bit)



  • Pre-shared keys
  • RSA X.509 certificates
  • Smart cards and PKI tokens
  • Extended Authentication (XAUTH)
  • Support for authenticator tokens (RSA SecurID, CryptoCard, etc.) through XAUTH
  • Hybrid Mode (CheckPoint and others)

Getting and Staying Connected


Get Connected, Anywhere

  • NAT detection and NAT-Traversal (RFC 3947 including drafts)
  • Cisco UDP Encapsulation
  • Automatic VPN availability test: Determines whether to use IPsec passthrough or NAT-Traversal with your current Internet connection


Stay Connected

  • Rekeying
  • Dead Peer Detection (DPD)
  • Automatic DHCP Renewal


Ready to Help

  • Specific troubleshooting advice instead of cryptic log messages
  • Built-in help for every setting
  • Diagnostic tools built right in
  • One-click Technical Support Reports



Secure Desktop - Your VPN Cockpit

  • Connect to file servers, remote desktop, and much more
  • Support for
    • Mac (AFP), Windows (SMB/CIFS), FTP, WebDAV, NFS file servers
    • Screen Sharing
    • Apple Remote Desktop
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop
    • CoRD
    • OS X Server
    • FileMaker
    • AppleScript
    • Automator
    • ...and any other application, file or URL your Mac can open!


Network Scanner (VPN Tracker 8 Pro)

  • Explore the remote network of your VPN, assist users and locate hosts and services
  • OS Detection
  • Connect directly to hosts and services

Accounting (VPN Tracker 8 Pro)

  • Document your work and bill your clients
  • Export to Numbers and Excel
  • Customizable CSV export for billing and time tracking systems



  • Actions at VPN connect and disconnect
  • Automatic clean disconnect of file servers
  • Notifications for important events

Streamlined User Interface

  • Condensed Layout (VPN Tracker 8 Pro)
  • Menu Bar Item
  • Hidden Dock icon
  • Connection groups (VPN Tracker 8 Pro)
  • Search (VPN Tracker 8 Pro)

Export and Deployment

  • Export connections and Secure Desktop
  • Lock connections to prevent users from modifying settings, storing passwords, etc.
  • Set up a standard VPN work environment for end users
  • Hassle-free license management that can be integrated into your asset and user management workflow
  • Ships as OS X installer package for use with industry-standard deployment solutions


Compatible Devices

Check if your device is compatible with VPN Tracker. If your vendor or device is not listed, chances are that your IPsec VPN device will work anyway. More information