The #1 VPN Client for macOS
The #1 VPN Client for macOS
Buyer's Guide

VPN Connections without interruption

VPN Tracker has been optimized for continuous operation. Those annoying disconnection error messages, resulting from interrupted connections, are a thing of the past. VPN Tracker works hard to keep you connected.

Improved rekeying

We have completely reworked VPN Tracker's rekeying abilities to reliably re-negotiate encryption keys. Based on your security policy, you are now free to choose the lifetime of your encryption keys.

Automatic renewal of DHCP leases

With VPN Tracker 6, expired DHCP Leases are a thing of the past. VPN Tracker automatically renews DHCP leases over VPN, just another part in the story of uninterrupted and endless VPN connections.

Introducing Dead Peer Detection (DPD)

VPN Tracker 6 supports VPN gateways that perform Dead Peer Detection (DPD) to detect unresponsive VPN clients and gateways.

Help when you need it most

Sometimes things don't go as planned, and when they don't, VPN Tracker 6 is ready to help. We have not only improved the active assistance to make troubleshooting instructions even easier, but also updated the diagnostic tools to be able to spot the problem even more quickly.

Always a perfect connection

Whether you are at an airport, hotel or Internet café, VPN Tracker automatically tests your Internet connection to determine whether to access your VPN using IPsec passthrough or NAT-Travesal. Once tested, VPN Tracker will automatically use the preferred method for this and all future VPN connections.

End your connections right

Use the "End Session" button to automatically quit applications, disconnect servers and close databases before the VPN is disconnected. This means that there is no more risk of data loss or errors from Finder, FileMaker or any other app when disconnecting.


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