The #1 VPN Client for macOS
The #1 VPN Client for macOS
Buyer's Guide

Export and Deploy

Whether you are looking to archive your connections, export them for a couple of colleagues or to begin a company-wide deployment of VPN Tracker - we have the features you need to get it done and get it done now.

Export Secure Desktops

VPN Tracker 6's Secure Desktop makes it easy to organize everything you need for working over VPN. And of course, Secure Desktops can be exported so you can provide your users a standardized environment where they'll find everything they need to get right to work.

Additional Options for Exporting Credentials

VPN Tracker can also include Extended Authentication (XAUTH) credentials with exported connections. And we have simplified and improved the export methods for pre-shared keys.

Exporting simplified

VPN Tracker remembers your VPN connection's export settings. The next time you export, you don't have to configure anything. This speeds up large-scale deployments and makes configuration changes as fast as the click of a button.

Export settings at a glance

In VPN Tracker 6, exporting connections finally got the space it deserved. That's why you'll now find all your export settings clearly arranged in the new Export tab.


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