The #1 VPN Client for macOS
The #1 VPN Client for macOS
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Your All New VPN Cockpit

VPN Tracker provides access to all your VPN connections and everything else you need in one central location. Use this customizable interface to improve productivity for yourself and the VPN Tracker users you support.

Structure your daily routine

VPN Tracker's Secure Desktop makes it easy to organize your daily remote tasks: Just add the applications, file servers and other data that your users will need in their everyday tasks and workflows.

Minimize user error

Secure Desktop helps you focus on the tasks at hand and helps you to get your work done. It is no longer necessary to remember to connect your VPN before using an application or accessing a server - simply configure your Secure Desktop and VPN Tracker takes care of the rest.

Customize with Corporate Identity

Secure Desktop not only streamlines your workflow but can also become part of your corporate identity: simply customize your Secure Desktop with your company logo or corporate design.

Completely Automatic with Apple Scripts

In addition to standard items such as applications, servers and websites, Secure Desktop can be fully customized with Apple Scripts and Automator workflows. Use Secure Desktop to make even the most complex tasks simple for your users.

Organize projects and customers

Every client and project is different - create multiple Secure Desktops and manage each individually. You can easily have everything neatly organized and cease to worry about users connecting and disconnecting to VPNs.

Virtual machines and remote desktop access

VPN Tracker is a universal security solution, making it possible to integrate virtual machines into your Secure Desktop, including: Parallels, VMWare, Apple Remote Desktop, and the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client.

Control all of your VPN connections

VPN Tracker has been designed to both create IPsec VPN connections and control any existing Mac OS X L2TP and PPTP VPN connections. You have complete control of all your connections in one central location.

Use VPN Tracker with a menu item

VPN Tracker shows your current connection status state in the menu bar. You can easily start and stop your VPN connections, launch any item in any of your Secure Desktops with ease and even end a VPN session. Using the End Session item will disconnect all remote file servers and databases before disconnecting your VPN connection.


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