The #1 VPN Client for macOS
The #1 VPN Client for macOS
Buyer's Guide

VPN for your Windows applications

Do you rely on your Windows applications? Why not let your Mac share your secure VPN connection with your Windows virtual machine: access your SAP application, check email and appointments using Outlook, and open your Access database.

VPN for Parallels Desktop

Are you using Parallels on your Mac to run Windows? VPN Tracker not only shares your VPN with the Windows applications inside your virtual machine, you can even start Windows applications right from VPN Tracker's new Secure Desktop.

Put your Windows Apps onto your Secure Desktop

You can easily place your most commonly used Windows applications, right along side your favorite Mac apps, onto your Secure Desktop. Now you can have everything you need right where you need them the most.

VPN for VMware Fusion

Are you running your Windows applications with VMware Fusion? VPN Tracker shares your secure VPN-tunnel with your virtual machine so you can access your databases and file servers securely. Simply start your Windows applications right from VPN Tracker's new Secure Desktop.


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