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01/30/2020, 12:02
How to set up a VPN connection on your Synology Diskstation for your Mac

If you own one of Synology’s NAS systems, you can also set it up to act as a VPN server, offering a convenient way to securely access the files stored on your Synology, as well as other devices on your network.

Download VPN Tracker to connect to your Synology VPN from your Mac

This is a really useful alternative if your router doesn’t offer VPN-capabilities as your Synology is usually always running.

VPN Tracker 365 offers a really simple way to set up your Synology as a VPN server and connect to it from your Mac.

Download VPN Tracker 365 free to get started

How to Configure your Synology NAS as a VPN server for your Mac

To get started, download the latest version of VPN Tracker 365 – it’s free to try out.

Then create a new VPN connection to your Synology:

  • File → New → Company Connection
  • Choose Synology → OpenVPN from the list of devices
  • Create the connection, then select the Configuration Guide

The VPN Tracker 365 Configuration Guide has detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set up the VPN server on your Synology. The gist of it is:

  • Install the VPN server package
  • Enable the OpenVPN service from the VPN Server app
  • Be sure to give clients access to the server’s LAN
  • Export the configuration

Once you have created and exported the configuration from your Synology, you can simply drop it into VPN Tracker 365.

Once that’s done you need to

  • Set up DynDNS for your router or Synology so they can always be accessed from the internet and enter that as the gateway address in VPN Tracker
  • Configure port forwarding (UDP port 1194) from your router to your Synology

The VPN Tracker 365 Synology Configuration Guide goes into more detail, so we recommend following that closely.

Try out your Synology VPN connection for macOS

Once you’ve got everything set up, you’ll need to get off your WiFi network to test it out (you can’t “VPN in” if you’re already “in”). One quick way is to use your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature, or treat yourself to a coffee and hop on your local coffee shop’s free wifi.

Once your VPN is connected, try accessing your Synology or any other devices on your network. Note that they won’t show up automatically in the Finder’s sidebar, so you’ll need to use the “Go → Connect to Server” feature in the Finder.

Download VPN Tracker 365 free to get started

Happy connecting!

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10/31/2019, 12:32
PPTP VPN for macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina makes several changes to the security architecture, which means that most VPN protocols have had to make some changes to the way they integrate with the system.

With the latest VPN Tracker 365 update, we’re pleased to again offer PPTP VPN support under macOS Catalina, meaning you can continue to use your PPTP-based connections with macOS 10.15.

To get started:

Once you’ve created and configured your PPTP VPN connection, you can test it out with our free demo. Once you’re sure it’s working correctly, head over to the VPN Tracker 365 store to purchase your plan.

Happy PPTP-ing!

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06/17/2019, 11:09
How to connect to AWS Client VPN from macOS with VPN Tracker 365

AWS customers have long been able to create custom VPN servers using EC2 instances to get secure access to AWS infrastructure and resources.

However AWS recently introduced a streamlined way to easily give VPN access to all of your users called AWS Client VPN.

The AWS Client VPN service:

  • Is fully manageable from the AWS Console
  • Integrates with other AWS services (e.g. your AWS-based Directory service)
  • Scales automatically, so you can deal with large numbers of VPN users without upgrading costly infrastructure
  • Uses the latest encryption standards (OpenVPN with GCM ciphers)

VPN Tracker 365 customers can start using AWS Client VPN with the latest release, available today.

Our detailed Configuration Guide walks you through the steps of setting up AWS Client VPN and importing it into VPN Tracker.

VPN Tracker supports both certificate-based as well as (the more familiar and more easily rolled out) directory-based user authentication.

How to access the internet while connected to AWS Client VPN?

By default, your AWS Client VPN setup will route all traffic through your VPN. This means, unless you configure a route from AWS to the internet, you lose internet access.

Tip: Thanks to VPN Tracker’s Traffic Control capabilities, you can also use AWS VPN without losing access to your local network and the internet, even if your AWS setup doesn’t offer internet access via the routes you’ve configured.

Just go to Advanced > Traffic Control, select “Only traffic for these addresses” and enter your AWS networks to turn this option on.

AWS Client VPN in VPN Tracker 365 is the easiest way way to access your AWS resources. We look forward to your feedback!

Download VPN Tracker 365 for Mac with AWS Client VPN support

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04/26/2019, 14:57
FRITZ! Box VPN Configuration Made Simple

Are you looking for a simple way to establish VPN connections with an AVM FRITZ!Box device? Then check out our quick guide to go through the basic steps in the configuration process.

There are two simple ways to configure a VPN to your FRITZ!Box.

Method 1. VPN Wizard

Our VPN Wizard creates a VPN configuration file in a couple of minutes. Set up the connection by simply uploading it to your FRITZ! Box and to VPN Tracker.

With the help of the VPN Wizard you can choose how to tunnel your Internet traffic. That means you can decide to send all your Internet traffic through the VPN (Host to Everywhere) or just to securely connect to the network on the other side of your VPN (Host to Network).

You can use the VPN Wizard with any VPN-compatible version of FRITZ! Box. Please check our detailed guide to easily go through the whole configuration process. You can also download the VPN Wizard here.

Why should I choose VPN Tracker 365 as a VPN Service?

VPN Tracker 365 is a universal solution for any type of VPN connection you may want to establish. It supports not only IPSec but also OpenVPN, L2TP; PPTP, SonicWALL SSL, making it possible to operate on almost any VPN gateways. This means, that you can easily access different networks with just one app and will not need to change your VPN Service even if you decide to change the hardware brand.
Moreover VPN Tracker 365 grants you access to exclusive features, making it easy to reach your everyday goals. Try Team Management to organize your teams in a click or Connection Safe to never lose your connections.

Method 2. FRITZ! Box web admin interface

We recommend using this method if you already have all the VPN settings ready in your FRITZ! Box web interface. Please, note, that you can only choose to tunnel all your Internet traffic through the VPN when using this method.

VPN Tracker 365 supports a number of automatic configuration methods, including “EasyVPN”, making it easy to set up your AVM FRITZ!Box VPN connection in no time.

> Step 1. Adding a FRITZ! Box Connections to VPN Tracker 365

  1. Launch your VPN Tracker 365
  2. After that choose “File” > “New” > “Company Connection….” and search for AVM brand to create a new connection to your FRITZ! Box.
  3. Choose “FRITZ!Box VPN User” to configure your connection through EasyVPN. Remember that you can always switch to Manual Configuration for more advanced settings.
  4. Enter the settings from your FRITZ!Box to finish the configuration.

You can also find these settings by clicking “Show VPN Settings” in the settings of the desired FRITZ!Box user in the admin web interface.

> Step 2. VPN Tracker Settings

  1. Enter the Public IP or Host name of the VPN Gateway you are connecting to. It is referred to as MyFRITZ! domain name of the FRITZ!Box in the user web interface.
  2. Enter the Pre Shared Key under the “Authentication” field. You can find it as a “Shared secret” in the VPN settings of the user in the section “iPhone, iPad or iPod touch”.
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Finally, enter your Key ID in the “Local identifier” field. It corresponds to the username of your FRITZ!Box user and is necessary to identify the user to the VPN Gateway.

Please refer to our VPN Tracker 365 Manual for more advanced settings.

These methods will work with any of the following routers. However it may most probably work with your FRITZ!Box device, even if it is not listed here.

FRITZ!Box 3490
FRITZ!Box 4020
FRITZ!Box 4040
FRITZ!Box 5490
FRITZ!Box 5491
FRITZ!Box 7430
FRITZ!Box 7490
FRITZ!Box 7520
FRITZ!Box 7530
FRITZ!Box 7560
FRITZ!Box 7580
FRITZ!Box 7581
FRITZ!Box 7582
FRITZ!Box 7590

FRITZ!Box 6820 LTE
FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE
FRITZ!Box 7362 SL
FRITZ!Box 6320 Cable
FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable
FRITZ!Box 6430 Cable
FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable
FRITZ!Box 6590 Cable
FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable
1&1 FRITZ!Box 7412
1&1 HomeServer
1&1 HomeServer +
1&1 HomeServer Speed +
NETbox-Plus Festnetz
NETBox-Plus Glasfaser
HomeBox FRITZ!Box 6490
HomeBox FRITZ!Box 6360
HomeBox FRITZ!Box 7270
Telekom Speedport W 101 Bridge
Telekom Speedport W 501V
Telekom Speedport W 503V
Telekom Speedport W 721V
Telekom Speedport W 722V
Telekom Speedport W 900V
Telekom Speedport W 920V

Still have some questions? Feel free to contact us if you are stuck during the VPN configuration.

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04/05/2019, 10:41
SonicWALL SSL Support – Now In VPN Tracker 365

For years VPN Tracker has been the best solution on the Mac for SonicWALL IPsec VPNs. Today we’re proud to introduce SonicWALL SSL VPN support – a new protocol option now available with VPN Tracker 365.

What is new?

VPN Tracker 365 now offers support for SonicWALL SSL appliances.

Similar to OpenVPN connections, users with a regular VPN Tracker 365  plan can create and use one SonicWALL SSL connection. However, it is sufficient for most of the VPN users. VPN professionals with VPN Tracker 365 PRO or VIP can create and use several connections simultaneously , making it possible to connect to multiple customers or offices.  

SonicWALL SSL connection

One VPN client, multiple protocols

Starting with 19.2 update, VPN Tracker 365 offers a simple and extremely effective way of deploying and managing SonicWALL SSL VPN connections for Mac users.

In addition, VPN Tracker 365 supports all other major VPN protocols. Therefore you can connect to over 300 IPSec, PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN gateways and use those connections alongside your SonicWALL SSL connections.

Moreover, as a VPN Tracker 365 customer, you can benefit from the full range of our exclusive features, including Team Management, Connection Safe, Remote Connection Wipe and VPN Shortcuts.

Setup SonicWALL SSL

How to get started with SonicWALL SSL?

As always, it is really easy to get started with this new VPN Tracker version. Just follow these simple steps to add your SSL connections:

  1. Download VPN Tracker 365 from our website if you still don’t have it. If you are an existing user, launch VPN Tracker 365 on your Mac, go to “VPN Tracker 365” > “Check for updates” and install the latest version 19.2.
  2. After that go to “File” > “New” > ”Company Connection…”
  3. Here go to the tab “IPSec/L2TP/OpenVPN/SSL/PPTP” and choose “Connection based on SonicWALL SSL Protocol”. Click “Create”, enter your settings and you are ready to go!

Protect your remote work with VPN Tracker 365 

the #1 VPN client for OS X and macOS

Download VPN Tracker for free
Buy VPN Tracker

Start now! Requires Mac OS X 10.9 or later

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03/11/2019, 10:19
What We Already Did For Your Data Privacy in 2019

Our VPN Tracker team had a really productive start in 2019. We’ve already released two VPN Tracker updates 19.0 and 19.1 to secure your privacy and are excited to share them with you.

Locked Connection

Now it is even more comfortable to work with the exported connections (this feature is available in VPN Tracker 365 PRO and VIP editions). Locking a VPN connection is a great way to protect your colleagues from accidentally ruining the settings. However sometimes you may need to change the preferences, for example, due to employee’s moving to another office. Of course you can change the whole connection and re-share it, but often it is much easier to adjust it on one particular device.

Locked connections improvement

This update fixes a few bugs, so you can reliably set an unlock password before sharing the connection to add an extra level of privacy protection. So next time you’re at someone’s desk and need to make an edit to the connection, just unlock it to make changes.

Please note that connections with locked settings exported from older VPN Tracker versions need to be re-exported with this version.

Conflicting networks

You have already set the preferences to resolve issues with overlapping networks? If you have changed your mind, there is an easy way to cancel them. Simply go to Preferences -> Networks and reset previous choices.

Reset choices of overlapping networks

UI improvements

The updates also include tiny, but helpful UI changes. Check them out!

  • Added Dark Mode support to license window.
  • Locked Connections that can’t be unlocked no longer show the lock icon.
Secure your privacy with VPN Tracker

We also improved a login process for all VPN protocols and added a safeguard to prevent a system failure while transferring a certain kind of network traffic. So no more black screen danger!

You can also check our full official release notes here.

Stay tuned, as we are preparing something really amazing for you this spring…

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01/31/2019, 10:35
Is your VPN secure? Tips against potential threats

Security is crucial for VPN

Security is a crucial point for any VPN service. As VPN is your shield from web attacks and data leaks, a VPN service must be highly trusted and not be a danger itself. Find out what kind of threats a VPN service may have for your security.

Traffic logs

Today almost every VPN service provider has a strong encryption, allowing to protect your traffic. It is really difficult to break a modern encryption, so you should be aware of another potential threat to your data.

Make sure that your VPN service provider doesn’t log your browsing history, data destination or data content. It may seem harmless to log encrypted data, as it is unreadable without the encryption key. However VPN providers hold such keys. For example, Facebook used to have data tracking apps, including Onavo VPN, that collected and stored users’ private information. Facebook was able to decrypt and analyze all the phone’s activity, including browsing history and private messages, even though the data had been previously encrypted.

So if your data is logged and anyone has the keys, they can easily track all your browsing history. Check the privacy policy of your VPN service provider and its country of origin. Some countries require services to log all the clients’ information.

No matter which VPN product you are using, we always strongly encrypt each piece of your information before sending it. Moreover we don’t log or store any of your traffic info, we only collect minimum necessary information to fulfil your support requests and run our cloud features. We are based in Munich, Germany, so we must comply with strict EU data protection policies.

Selling customers’ personal data to third parties

You may not know it, but some VPN service providers can be selling their customers’ data to third parties, typically to advertisers. You may find it ridiculous, but in fact it is easily explainable. If a VPN service is free of charge, developers still need to cover their costs. Some may be showing you ads, but others prefer not to interrupt your VPN experience and make money using your data. It is relatively easy to check if your VPN service provider may be doing this.

There are numerous lists of such providers around the internet. You can also simply check its Privacy Policy. If you see something like “we may share your email address with our marketing partners” – have in mind that your privacy is in danger.

Here at equinux we don’t need to sell your data to any advertisers. Our VPN services are not free, so you can be sure – your data is under protection.

Former team members

Surprisingly former team members can be even of a greater threat to your corporate security than professional web hackers. Your former colleagues can easily get an access to the sensitive corporate data, if they still have an access to your private network.

Unfortunately that can happen with any company. For example, an employee can still have a set corporate VPN connection on their personal Macbook. At the same time they may have an access to the VPN account, if there was just one for the whole team. Make sure that your VPN service has some security measures for such situations.

VPN Tracker 365 has everything to protect you from this threat. First of all, we advise all our clients to use Team Management. It is an intuitive system that allows you to manage accounts of your employees, granting and retrieving VPN Tracker licenses. You can even see, who has an access to each VPN connection and prevent unauthorised usage.

Another great thing is Remote Connection Wipe. If you are using Team Management you can remotely remove a team VPN connection from a member’s computer. So you don’t need to worry if a former employee still keeps it on their device.  Please check our Whitepaper for more info.

Make considerable decisions and choose a VPN service that will actually secure your data.

Check our privacy policy page to learn more about the VPN Tracker security approach. You can also contact us if you have any other questions.


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01/21/2019, 09:40
VPN Tracker 365 Update: Help for VPN Professionals

NEW: VPN Tracker 18.4.1 is out! We have added support for Securepoint devices, improved stability and made some especially helpful improvements for VPN professionals.  

Support for Securepoint NextGen UTM-Firewall Gateways

VPN Tracker 365 now supports Securepoint Firewalls. These robust devices are easy to configure and are a great all-in-one security option. They not only establish secure VPN connections, but also have additional tools to help ensure the security of your whole network. The firewall protect against network attacks with Deep Packet Inspection, can scan and filter content to secure your internet surfing, and even guard your communication channels.

SonicWALL & Watchguard device security

We are constantly working on advancing security and protection of VPN Tracker 365. Now you can choose between AES-128, AES-256 and AES-192 encryption when using SonicWALL Simple Client Provisioning. Additionally VPN Tracker 365 now supports all SHA2 hashing algorithms for SonicWALL Simple Client provisioning and Watchguard profiles.

Protocol improvements

We’ve made some improvements to the reliability of OpenVPN connections. We’ve fixed some issues when importing OpenVPN connections and keys, so now VPN Tracker supports even more OpenVPN setups and devices. Also incorrect DNS settings can no longer fail establishing OpenVPN connections.  

Good news also for those who are working with L2TP/PPTP connections: Thanks to reliability improvements such connections attempts are now 3x more robust.


Practical changes for VPN professionals

We’ve also made several small fixes & improvements that will be especially helpful for the admins of huge networks and VPN professionals.

  • Network search. Search your connections list by a gateway address or your notes content, not only by a connection name. No more endless scrolling!
  • Network scanning. Scan the local network even when you are at your VPN location 
  • Finding certificates: We have added the certificate expiration date to the certificate selection view, so that it’s easier to find the right certificate.
  • Routes setup: Routes are set much faster. That means if you have any connections with a lot of remote networks, they will be connected notably faster than before.

Other improvements include:

  • VPN Tracker always correctly resets traffic statistics before re-establishing an OpenVPN connection.
  • Performance improvements when configuring interfaces and disconnecting.
  • Beta releases continue to offer Nightly builds if chosen in the preferences.
  • Host to Everywhere connections cannot conflict with an already stopped connection anymore.
  • Network collision dialog automatically cancels when you change networks.
  • A crash that could occur when importing VPN Shortcuts as a copy has been fixed.


You can find our full official release notes here.

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12/12/2018, 10:32
VPN Connection Failed? Problem Solved!

Connection problems while travelling

Unreliable wifi? Spotty reception? Weird internet cafe network? If you’re a frequent traveler, you have probably run into connection problems on the road. There can be numerous reasons why connection failed. These issues can cause your VPN connection to drop or may prevent you from connecting at all. 

Although we cannot fix all the possible reasons on our side, in VPN Tracker 365 18.4, we have tackled some of the most common connection issues faced while travelling.

First: Unstable internet connections.

In 18.4 we are introducing a new VPN Tracker Engine, that automatically detects and adjusts for unstable connections. This means it will automatically keep trying to connect to the server, even if there are any connection problems. So your connection will come up, even in scenarios where before you may only have been able to sporadically connect. And you will not need to manually check and reconnect to the VPN if your connection failed.

Next: Poorly configured WiFi networks.

You occasionally run into hotel networks that are configured too broadly. The admin has set them up with a really large address range, causing a conflict with your VPN networks. 

In the past, this type of networking conflict would prevent you from connecting, unless you manually adjusted your connection.

We have added Automatic Network-Conflict Resolution to solve this issue. Now VPN Tracker 365 will automatically detect and adjust the connection for you, for just this location. In scenarios where the network addresses seem identical, VPN Tracker 365 will check with you and then prioritize VPN traffic based on your decision.

All in all, our latest VPN Tracker 365 update lets you connect to your VPN more reliably, in more places.

Additional improvements in this version include:

  • Running connections are correctly restored on next application launch.
  • Importing connections created with the Fritzbox Wizard now works correctly again.
  • Improved memory efficiency for OpenVPN connections.
  • Improvement of OpenVPN connection stability.
  • An issue where split-DNS wasn’t working correctly on first connect has been resolved.
  • You can edit L2TP pre-shared keys correctly again.

You can find our full official release notes here.

Protect your remote work with VPN Tracker 365 

the #1 VPN client for OS X and macOS

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12/07/2018, 16:48
Why do I see Captcha when using a VPN (and how to avoid it)?

If you are using a VPN service to protect your browsing on a public wifi network, you may have noticed you occasionally need to complete a Captcha before doing a Google search. It can be annoying and slows you down…

So why are you seeing them in the first place? We cover why they are shown and what you can do to avoid it.

What is a Captcha?

‘Captcha’ stands for ‘Completely Automated Public Turing Test’. It is a test that a human can easily pass, but is difficult for a computer. Google uses Captchas to identify and prevent computer programs from performing automated requests. Many other websites use them to prevent hacks and other security issues. The idea is to increase security without blocking regular users from browsing.

Some kinds of Captchas ask you to enter words or numbers:

Text Catcha when using VPN

Since computer vision algorithms have become so advanced, Google now asks you to identify sections of pictures:

pictures captcha when using VPN

Or if you are lucky, you might get a NoCaptcha reCaptcha. There you just need to tick a box and Google tries to figure out if you’re a robot based on your usage patterns on the page.

tick box captcha when using VPN

But why do I see Captchas when using VPN?

When you’re using the VPN Tracker World Connect VPN service (as opposed to using VPN Tracker 365 with your company VPN connection), you are browsing through a VPN service. That means you are using our servers to access the internet, along with lots of other VPN users.

So to Google, it looks like a lot of people are accessing Google Search from the same IP address at the same time, sending an inhumanly high number of search requests. Google then thinks you might be a bot or script and asks you to fill in a Captcha to make sure that you are a human and not a computer program.

Does filling Captcha makes my internet browsing unprotected?

No, don’t worry! Captchas just help Google to identify you as a human. You are still using a strongly encrpyted VPN and you are still anonymous (provided you aren’t signed in).

What can I do to prevent Google Captcha when using a VPN?

You will see an increase in Google Captcha requests with every VPN service. With VPN Tracker World Connect, we take measures to prevent it from happening too often, however on our most popular server locations, it’s possible you will still see the prompt from time to time.

To stop getting Captcha requests, you can try using a different browser or a different search engine while on VPN. Firefox Focus is a great browser for quick, anonymous searches and DuckDuckGo is worth checking out as a privacy-focused alternative to Google.

Download the latest VPN Tracker World Connect

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