The #1 VPN Client for macOS
The #1 VPN Client for macOS
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The new VPN Tracker
VPN Tracker - Protect your data connections with VPN

Connect to your office VPN from your Mac
Securely connect to your company's remote network over VPN with VPN Tracker Company Connect.
  • For IPSec, L2TP, PPTP, Cisco Meraki, Cisco EasyVPN, SonicWALL, and other VPN standards
  • Secures data between your Mac and remote networks
  • Market-leading VPN solution for the Mac
  • For businesses, employees, remote workers and consultants
  • Manufacturer-independent: supports over 300 IPSec, L2TP & PPTP VPN gateways
  • optimized for macOS Sierra

A VPN service to protect your privacy – for Macs & iOS devices
VPN Tracker World Connect is a VPN service that makes any internet connection secure.
  • Instantly protects you on any internet connection
  • Protects you on public wifi at hotels, cafés, airports…
  • Fast and reliable VPN service: works worldwide
  • Works with your Mac, iPhone and iPad
  • Highest security standards (AES-256 with DH-Group 18)
  • Experienced VPN providers (over 15-years of VPN experience)

VPN Tracker - for macOS Sierra
VPN Tracker works with macOS Sierra - the new operating system for your Mac.
Do you use PPTP VPN? NEW: How to keep using your PPTP VPN with macOS Sierra and VPN Tracker 365…

Company Connect: Connect to your Office IT in minutes
Setting up a VPN doesn't need to be rocket science: VPN Tracker Company Connect includes step-by-step configuration guides and ready-made configuration profiles for all VPN gateway vendors.
Supported VPN standards

  • IPSec
  • SonicWALL Simple Client Provisioning
  • Cisco Easy VPN
  • Cisco Meraki VPN (available in VPN Tracker 365)
  • Mode Config (Netgear, Juniper, Lancom)
  • WatchGuard Mobile User VPN
  • CheckPoint Hybrid Mode
  • L2TP VPN (available in VPN Tracker 365)
  • PPTP VPN (available in VPN Tracker 365)

Setting up your VPN connection? - We're here to help
When you need VPN access, you need it right away. If you need help connecting to your VPN, our Team of VPN experts is ready to help you get set up. You can contact us directly and we'll help figure things out.

Our experts are here to help:

"Effective support is a rarity in this business and yours is most appreciated." – Eduard W. Jackson jr, VPN Tracker 365 user

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How to connect to Cisco Meraki VPN from your Mac

Cisco Meraki network solutions are becoming increasingly popular and we’ve heard from a lot of macOS Sierra users about adding support for it in VPN Tracker 365. Meraki devices are sleek,... read more

Using TP-Link SafeStream VPN with your Mac – now built-in to VPN Tracker 365

VPN Tracker 365 Company Connect now supports TP-Link SafeStream VPN routers. As the leading VPN client for the Mac, we’re always improving VPN Tracker 365 and adding new protocols, device profiles and... read more

Compare VPN Tracker products
What is it for? Connect to your company’s network VPN service to encrypt your data on the internet
What can I do with it? Access your office, university, home or enterprise network Secure and encrypt your internet connections, on the go, at hotels, airports, cafés…
Supported devices For your Mac For Mac, iPhone and iPad
VPN Gateways Supports over 300 VPN devices by leading manufacturers World Connect VPN servers across the World
Supported VPN protocols IPSec, L2TP (with 356), PPTP (with 356), Cisco Meraki (with 356), Cisco EasyVPN, SonicWALL Simple Client Provisioning, Mode Config and more Secure World Connect VPN engine
Supported VPN configurations Host to Network and Host to Everywhere (encrypt all traffic) Encrypts all traffic
Multi-VPN support Use multiple VPN connections simultaneously (PRO) Use alongside your Company Connect VPN connection (with 365)
Purchase options Annual plan or one-time purchase Monthly or annual plan
Pricing from $ 79.99 a year from $ 11.99 a month
Free Trial Download Download

Why VPN Tracker?
The security of sensitive business data is critical: With VPN Tracker you're getting the industry standard for secure VPN connections on the Mac. Are shareware products worth the risk to your business? VPN Tracker is the only solution with professional-grade security and support.

Tried and tested VPN configurations, with 15+ years of VPN experience Bundle unlicensed and 3rd party code - VPN at your own risk
100% Mac-native code and custom-designed, secure VPN implementation Leave your system open to attacks with unsigned network components
Official SonicWALL-certified support for SonicOS Simple Client Provisioning Falsely advertise support for SonicWALL and other vendors
Securely signed components and tamper-proof security architecture Force insecure set-ups and require poor security settings in order to work
Ongoing security monitoring and instant update mechanism Don’t offer device-specific profiles or settings – guess the settings!
Get direct support from our VPN engineers with secure help requests Offer no support and suggest posting senstive VPN data in public forums
Trusted by the Apple Consultants Network
Choosing the right VPN solution is a business-critical decision.


VPN Tracker: Designed for Productive Teams

Choose a VPN solution that is designed for business environments and scales with your Team: Enterise-ready Team-Management, secure roll-out and Remote Connection Wipe make deployment and management a breeze – for enterprises, small businesses and start-ups.

Choose VPN Tracker for Business for dedicated support, transparent costs and a complete solution for your entire team.

  • Work with multiple VPN connections
  • Easily set-up and deploy remote-workflows that any team-member can use
  • Team-Management with automatic enrollment with zero license code confusion
  • Increase Remote productivity: distribute ready-to-go connections and include VPN-Shortcuts to your remote infrastructure
  • Security through oversight: Control access to VPN connections, segment users into groups and revoke access securely with Remote-Connection-Wipe

VPN Tracker – Trust the #1 VPN client for the Mac

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