The #1 VPN Client for Mac OS X
The #1 VPN Client for Mac OS X
Buyer's Guide
The new VPN Tracker
VPN Tracker - Protect your data connections with VPN
VPN Tracker is a family of products that protect your data on the internet.
We offer two types of VPN products: VPN Tracker Company Connect and VPN Tracker World Connect:
Company Connect - Securely connect Macs with remote networks
Do you want to connect securely to your company's remote network over VPN on your Mac? Connect to over 300 VPN gateways with support for the latest IPSec VPN security standards.

You can use Company Connect with VPN Tracker 365 and VPN Tracker 9.
World Connect - Privacy for all of your internet connections
VPN Tracker World Connect is a VPN service that makes any internet connection a secure connection: On hotel WiFi, at the airport or the internet café. Protect your privacy and access the open internet with World Connect.

You can use World Connect with VPN Tracker 365 or with the VPN Tracker World Connect app.
VPN Tracker - Ready for macOS Sierra
VPN Tracker is ready for macOS Sierra - the new operating system for your Mac.

PPTP VPN for macOS Sierra
Do you use PPTP VPN? macOS Sierra no longer supports PPTP VPN. No worries, VPN Tracker has got you covered: VPN Tracker 365 now supports PPTP VPNs under macOS Sierra.
Choose a VPN Tracker 365 plan or a VPN Tracker 9 license
Securely connect to VPNs Yes Yes
Easy Configuration and Setup Support Yes Yes
VPN Availability Check Yes Yes
VPN Expert Support Phone support / email (unlimited) 90 days setup support (email)
NEW Team Management Yes Yes
NEW Remotely delete VPN connections Yes -
NEW Securely share data in your team Yes -
NEW Simultaneously use World Connect Yes -
Security Updates Yes Current version only
New features and upcoming upgrades Yes -
Works with macOS Sierra Yes Buy today & receive free macOS Sierra support
World Connect support from $ 49.99 -
Company Connect support (300+ IPsec VPN gateways) from $ 59.99 from $ 99.99
Purchase option yearly plan one-time purchase
Free Trial
Company Connect: 30 days
World Connect: 24h
Download Download
Download Download

Our Buyer's Guide helps you finding the right VPN Tracker. 

Compare all VPN Tracker Editions: Prices, purchase options, features and services.

Setting up your VPN connection? - We're here to help

Our VPN expert team will reply in no longer than 24 hours by email. You can get in touch with us by chat, email or phone (exclusive to VPN Tracker 365 users).

"Effective support is a rarity in this business and yours is most appreciated. equinux will remain a preferred vendor of mine." – Eduard W. Jackson jr, VPN Tracker 365 user
A safe decision - Trust the market leader in VPN on OS X
VPN Tracker is the market leading VPN Client for Mac OS X. For years, Apple consultants and System Administrators have trusted in VPN Tracker, the #1 VPN client for Mac on the market, to securely connect Macs with remote VPNs.

    • Professional: More than 15 years experience on the VPN market
    • Quality: German engineered - made by professional developers
    • Know-how: Unrivaled support of dedicated VPN experts

VPN Tracker is used by teams in more than 80% Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.
Higher Security: Remote Connection Wipe
More protection for VPN workstations: VPN Tracker 365 now gives you more control of your VPN connections. You can now remotely wipe VPN connections:

  • when an employee is leaving the company
  • when a MacBook gets lost or stolen
  • when a project requires temporary access to VPN connections
  • when you need the next level of security

Remote Connection Wipe is a new VPN Tracker 365 feature which is now available to all VPN Tracker 365 users - with no extra charge during its term.
VPN manufacturer-independent, works with leading gateways
VPN Tracker is the market leading VPN client for the Mac. VPN Tracker is compatible with practically all IPSec-based VPN-gateways on the market. VPN Tracker includes device profiles for more than 300 VPN gateways.
VPN on your Mac: Security "Made in Germany"
VPN Tracker was 100% developed at our headquarters in Munich, Germany. You can trust our many years of experience with VPN technology. Don't jeopardize the security of your data with unproven technology that could lead to disastrous consequences for your business.
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Compatible Devices

Check if your device is compatible with VPN Tracker. If your vendor or device is not listed, chances are that your IPsec VPN device will work anyway. More information