The #1 VPN Client for Mac, iPhone and iPad

The #1 VPN Client for Mac, iPhone and iPad

For iPhone & iPad
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VPN Client with Single Sign-On for Mac & iOS
What is VPN Tracker?

VPN Tracker is a VPN client solution, offering organisations multi-protocol VPN support for macOS and iOS systems. Roll out preconfigured connections to staff using secure end-to-end encryption.

Why Single Sign-On (SSO)?

With SSO, business users and enterprise teams save time and increase productivity. Log in to all essential services using one central and secure set of credentials.

Your SSO benefits in VPN Tracker

  • Sign into services with existing credentials
  • Familiar login flow for your users
  • Central user authentication management
  • Simplified onboarding and reduced support
  • CI across all levels: Rollout, onboarding & login
  • Optimized for SMEs & large-scale enterprises

Supported SSO identity providers

We are planning seamless compatibility with the most common IdPs (identity providers) to simplify large scale enterprise rollout:

  • Active Directory Federation Services
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Google
  • JumpCloud
  • Okta
  • Salesforce
  • OneLogin

Interested in SSO support in VPN Tracker?

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Discover VPN Tracker for teams

  • Save time: Securely deploy VPN connections
  • Support for all major VPN protocols
  • Compatible with SonicWall, Cisco, Fortinet, etc.
  • Package installer, config profiles, role-based-access, and unified billing
  • Centralized team and user management
  • For Mac, iPhone, iPad

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