The #1 VPN Client for Mac OS X and macOS

The #1 VPN Client for Mac OS X and macOS

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Purchase options for VPN Tracker 365 customers

Do you already have VPN Tracker 365 plans and want to renew, combine or add additional plans?

Here's how it works:

Don't have VPN Tracker 365? 
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How to renew expiring plans

Renewals happen automatically based on your setting in If there are any issues, you’ll receive an email a few days before your renewal is due to be processed.

If your plan has expired, you can purchase a new plan via our online store to replace your old plan.

How to add users

If you would like to add more user licenses, you can do so by adjusting your existing subscription. Each person that needs to use VPN Tracker 365 needs their own license. Depending on your intended use case, you can choose between various editions. Our online store will automatically credit you the value of your current subscription and create a new plan with the new total number of users. The new subscription will have a single expiration date for all your users.

How to co-term my plans

If you have multiple plans with different end dates, you can consolidate these into a single plan with one end date (also known as co-terming). 

To do so, go to and check the plans you would like to consolidate. Then choose “Merge” and follow the steps. 

Our store will automatically issue you credit for your existing plans and then creates a new unified plan for all of your licenses with one shared expiration date.


New to VPN Tracker 365?

VPN Tracker securely connects thousands of Macs worldwide with VPNs every day. VPN Tracker was developed from the ground up in our head office in Munich. You can trust in our long experience working with advanced VPN technology. Find answers to all your questions here...

For OS X 10.11 or later, including macOS Monterey and M1 Macs