The #1 VPN Client for Mac OS X and macOS

The #1 VPN Client for Mac OS X and macOS

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Achieve Your Professional Goals With VPN Tracker 365

VPN Tracker PRO and VIP editions were designed to meet the specific needs of our professional customers. Whether you are an IT-consultant or an in-house VPN professional, we have a solution for your goals.

Manage Multiple Networks With Ease

Use multiple VPN connections

As a professional user, you can use multiple VPN connections at the same time. Group your VPN connections by project or use the search to find a necessary connection. 

Choose any hardware brand

VPN Tracker 365 is not tied to any gateway brand and makes it easy to work with almost any hardware brand your clients may be using.

Simple export and deploy

Export ready-to-go connections and VPN Shortcuts from VPN Tracker Pro, and manage users and plans using VPN Tracker's Team Management. 

Work with all major protocols

VPN Tracker 365 supports OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP, PPTP, SonicWALL SSL and other vendor-specific protocols for automatic configuration and authentication.

Scan devices within the network

VPN Tracker's Network Scanner gives an overview of all ports and services within the VPN network. Connect to the chosen device just in one click!

Traffic control

Manage IP addresses and subnets, to which you want to send traffic over VPN. Exclude unwanted destinations or choose the preferred ones.

Increase Your Productivity

Connect reliably in more places

The VPN Tracker 365 Connection Checker service lets you test your internet connection's capabilities and figure out common connection issues. Check all supported protocols and find an overview of tested network environments.

Accounting made easy

Forget about the end-of-month accounting burden. The integrated tool easily tracks and exports all connections' data into your preferred billing system.

Work from any of your Macs

Switch effortlessly between your home iMac and office MacBook! VPN Tracker 365 plan covers up to 3 personal Macs and Connection Safe keeps the connection info synced across all devices.

VPN for your Windows apps

Are you using VMware or Parallels on your Mac to run Windows? VPN Tracker shares your VPN connection with the Windows applications inside your virtual machine.

Quick access to the files

Organize your projects and clients in a simple way. Create your own VPN Shortcuts and get a one-click access to servers and documents you need to work with over VPN.

Back-up & secure VPN Shortcuts with Connection Safe

You can also back-up and secure your VPN Shortcuts with Connection Safe – for fast and easy access to the things you access over your VPN.

Rule-based VPN auto-connect

Have your connection ready any time you may need it! Automatically connect or disconnect from the VPN in the specific network locations or based on some other rules.

One-click connection check

Check your connection status and start or stop any VPN connection right from the menu bar.

Your connection is always up and ready to go

VPN Tracker 365 InfiniConnect automatically monitors and reconnects your VPN if it detects any interruptions, giving you peace of mind to focus on your work.

VPN Tracker 365 Professional Plans

Select the VPN Tracker 365 professional plan that better corresponds to your specific needs.

VPN Tracker 365 Pro
VPN Tracker 365 VIP
All Standard Features
Consultant Features
Integrated accounting feature for billing
Integrated Network Scanner for remote VPN networks
Export and deploy connections
Start VPN connections
Multiple simultaneous VPN connections
Create and use multiple OpenVPN connections
Updates & Upgrades
All Security Updates
New features for professionals
All new features
VPN Setup Support
Advanced Support
Setup Concierge
Quick support reply
within 48h
within 24h
Account Representative

Reach your goals with VPN Tracker 365
Choose the best plan for your needs

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