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VPN Tracker 365: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is VPN Tracker?
VPN Tracker is the #1 VPN software client for Macs. It’ll allow you to connect securely to your home or office network over the internet.

What VPN standards does VPN Tracker support?
VPN Tracker is designed for IPsec VPN and supports a wide range of encryption algorithms, vendor-specific protocols and authentication mechanism.

What’s the difference between VPN Tracker 365 and VPN Tracker 9?
Both VPN Tracker 365 and VPN Tracker 9 support the same connection standards, encryption options and configuration guides, so both will get you connected to your VPN gateway.

VPN Tracker 365 is available via a subscription plan and offers additional features, the ability to use multiple Macs and includes all minor and major upgrades.
VPN Tracker 9 is available as a one-time purchase. If you prefer a traditional software license model, VPN Tracker 9 is the way to go.

I don't want a recurring charge
No problem. You can purchase VPN Tracker as a one-time license (VPN Tracker 9) or as an ongoing service plan (VPN Tracker 365).

Can I use VPN Tracker on more than one Mac?
VPN Tracker 365 plan can be used on all of your personal Macs. VPN Tracker 9 is licensed per Mac, so you need to purchase a license for each computer you want to use VPN Tracker 9 on.

Do you offer monthly VPN Tracker 365 plans?
All VPN Tracker 365 plans are available with a yearly commitment.

Can I continue using VPN Tracker 365 after the expiration of my term?
You can use VPN Tracker 365 during the entire duration of your term. In order to secure your data connections without interruption, the term will renew automatically. You will of course receive an email notification from us prior to the expiration date. If you do not wish to automatically renew your term, you can deactivate thie option at any time.

Does VPN Tracker store any data in the cloud?
No, VPN Tracker does not save any connection data in the cloud. Your account details or license are stored in your equinux ID, but no other data ever touches our servers.


Already a VPN Tracker user?

I own VPN Tracker 5/6/7/8, how can I upgrade?
As an existing VPN Tracker customer, you can benefit from discounted upgrade plans. Make use of the VPN Tracker 365 advantages and you can use every VPN Tracker version, including the VPN Tracker 365 client that runs with OS X El Capitan.

I use VPN Tracker 6 or 7 and would like to use VPN Tracker for OS X Yosemite or El Capitan. What are my options?
VPN Tracker 365 includes all VPN Tracker clients starting from Version 6 and all future Updates and Upgrades. This includes the VPN Tracker 365 client which supports El Capitan. So you can use VPN Tracker 8 for Yosemite, as well as the VPN Tracker 365 client for OS X El Capitan with your VPN Tracker 365 plan.

I recently bought VPN Tracker 8, will I get VPN Tracker 365?
All customers that purchased VPN Tracker 8 after June 1st, 2015, will receive 12 months of VPN Tracker 365 for free, starting October 1st. You just have to install and activate VPN Tracker 365 with your equinux ID.

I bought VPN Tracker 8 before June 1st 2015, do I get a discount?
As a VPN Tracker 8 customer, we offer you a discounted pricing for upgrade plans.

We're using a VPN Tracker business pack (5+1/10+2/25+3), how can we upgrade?
VPN Tracker 365 is also available for businesses. Besides the VIP functionality for all employees in your team, you also receive an additional tool for the rollout and the management of your VPNs.

Can I continue using my existing VPN Tracker 6 / 7 / 8 license? 
Yes, you can. In order to use VPN Tracker on OS X El Capitan, you will need the VPN Tracker 365 plan, which by the way includes all VPN Tracker version starting with version 6.

Which version of VPN Tracker will profit from the extended VIP features?
The new VPN Tracker 365 client includes extended VIP features, which can only be used with the VPN Tracker 365 VIP plan. These features are available in the VPN Tracker 365 client.

I have a VPN Tracker Protection Plan, is it also valid for VPN Tracker 365?
Yes, it is. You'll benefit from all VPN Tracker 365 advantages with the same period as your VPN Tracker Protection Plan. 

Further answers regarding technical questions can be found in our Support-FAQ. If you have further sales questions, please contact us here.