Real VPN Privacy Protection
Real VPN Privacy Protection
World Connect - Protect your privacy with a VPN service you can trust
Nowadays, if you're on the internet, you need a VPN to protect your privacy, keep your data safe on a public wifi hotspot, or to access the open internet. VPN Tracker World Connect is an easy to use VPN service you can trust.
for Mac, iPhone and iPad
So, how do you choose a VPN service provider?

There are lots out there and they all make big promises:
"Fastest servers", "Unlimited data", "No logs", "Best deal"…

So if they’re all the best, how do you choose?

We think a VPN should offer:

  • Fast, reliable access from anywhere in the world
  • A trustworthy company with a zero logging policy and privacy guaranteed by European data protection laws 
  • No zany offers, no ads, no nonsense – just a clear and simple monthly or yearly price
What makes us different

Real people

We're not based in the Caribbean or owned by a shell company – you can come visit our offices in Munich, send us a chat or ask our engineers to give you a call if you have any issues.

Real servers

We don’t use shared virtual servers hosted by the cheapest providers. World Connect is powered by a CDN-level infrastructure that transfers hundreds of terabytes of data every day. It's not cheap, but it’s ultra high-performance and extremely reliable.

Real apps

We don’t use a white-labeled app written by a third-party – you get a native Mac or iOS app developed by our engineers, with all the security and networking experience we can offer.

Real prices

Our prices are competitive and honest: There are no hidden costs or gotchas if you cross some arbitrary limit. The price you see on our website is what you’ll pay – no extras, no hidden fees, just clear and simple pricing.

Real encryption

There's no compromising when it comes to your security. VPN Tracker World Connect uses the very latest encryption standard AES-256 with DH-Group 18 (8192 bits) combined with hardware-accelerated algorithms for the fastest performance.

Magic VPN: find the best connection 
Whether you need to access the open internet or just protect yourself on public wifi, World Connect will automatically find the fastest server and best connection for your needs.

Secure and trustworthy
Is your VPN provider trustworthy? VPN Tracker is a professional solution with years of experience. It's the best choice for businesses and users with the highest security requirements.

Simultaneous VPN usage
Use VPN Tracker Company Connect and VPN Tracker World Connect simultaneously. Intelligent routing allows you to run both VPNs side by side.

World Connect - Destinations all over the world

Australia  Austria Belgium
Brazil Canada Denmark
France  Germany Hungary
Japan Luxembourg Netherlands
New Zealand Poland Singapore
South Korea  Spain Sweden
Switzerland UK USA

Choose from hundreds of VPN servers in multiple countries. Or use Magic VPN to automatically connect to the best VPN Destination.

Get VPN Tracker World Connect to start your smart VPN protection

VPN Tracker World Connect is also available for iPhone & iPad.
One plan for your Mac, iPhone & iPad
Unlimited Traffic, no restrictions
Pay monthly $11.99 / month

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VPN Tracker World Connect requires iOS 9.3 or Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.