Business VPN Service
Business VPN Service
Buyer's Guide

 Smart, Secure VPN for Mac & iOS
15 Years of VPN-Experience

Secure (AES-256, DH-Group 18)
 Free Trial (24h)
For Mac, iPhone & iPad

 Trusted by Enterprises 
 Designed for Businesses
Secure, Safe & Reliable

So why do you need a VPN?

Protect your Privacy

Protect your corporate data from hackers, stay secure on business trips.

Stay safe on Wifi

Every time you hop on wifi at the airport, coffee shop or mall, your data is open to anyone else on the wifi network. Encrypt your data when you're out and about.

For business trips

VPN Tracker World Connect helps you keep your critical data safe, even when you're out on the road. Whether accessing documents in the cloud, or just checking emails – World Connect VPN keeps your data secure.

1 Month
Unlimited data
Pay monthly
$ 11.99 /1 month
12 Months
Unlimited data
Pay yearly - Best deal
$ 49.99 /12 months

Get work done anywhere — even from the trade show in China

Music Trade show – Shanghai Expo Centre, China
Jim, Music technology journalist, is on the free wifi at a trade show. With World Connect, his data stays safe.
World Connect Advantages
 Work anywhere, keep data safe
Highest-performance VPN connections
Business-ready Infrastructure and Security

Hotspot Security Turn a coffee shop into your remote office

Sabrina is meeting clients in a café to work on a new marketing campaign. She's using the free wifi on her iPad. Thanks to VPN Tracker World Connect, her data and business documents stay safe and secure – even on an unsecured wifi network.
World Connect Advantages
 Get Professional Security from Experts (Military Grade)
 Code & Security Made in Germany (EU Privacy Standards!)
Works with VPN Tracker Company Connect
 Real Support from our Team in Munich
Magic VPN: Secure Connection
Real People with Professional VPN Experience
World Connect is supported by our team of VPN experts in Munich, Germany. With over 15 years of experience, we know VPNs.
Good luck
Turns out the guys based in the Caymans don't offer support (shocking!). Question not covered by the FAQs? You're on your own.
Real servers, real software
Every line of code that goes into our products has been written and vetted by our developers and conforms to strict European Data Protection policies. World Connect is powered by enterprise-grade CDN infrastructure.
Questionable code
White-label apps built by copy & paste coding leave your data vulnerable to flaws and exploits. Shared virtual servers offer poor performance and privacy.
High quality, transparent price
Protect your data with an industry-leading security architecture. There are no hidden costs, no gotchas, just a great product for a fair price.
If it sounds too good to be true…
Don't get sucked in by unbelievable "lifetime" offers: They have hidden data limits, popup ads and sell customer data. Or might just be gone tomorrow.
1 Month
Pay monthly
$ 11.99 /1 month
12 Months
Pay yearly - Best deal
$ 49.99 /12 months
VPN Tracker 365 - Get one service and app for everything
World Connect + Company Connect:  Use and manage all your secure connections in one app!