The #1 VPN Client for macOS
The #1 VPN Client for macOS
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Ready for just about anything

VPN Tracker is universal. It is not bound to any one single device, manufacturer or connection protocol. To make it even easier to connect, VPN Tracker supports various standard and 3rd-party proprietary protocols for automatic configuration and authentication.

Getting to the point - Simplified configuration

VPN Tracker has been drastically refined to make configuring and editing VPN connections easier and more intuitive. We have not only updated the device profiles but also substantially simplified the settings. We also made sure to include a direct link to each device's configuration guide when selecting a device. It's everything you need to know, right where it needs to be. Interested in our How-To guides, why not have a look?

IPsec, L2TP, PPTP - all in one place

VPN Tracker 6 brings all common VPN protocols into one single location. If you are a consultant supporting multiple clients with different VPNs, you'll save time and avoid headaches by being able to enable and disable all your VPN connections in the one place.

Hybrid Mode Authentication - not just for CheckPoint

VPN Tracker 6 supports Hybrid Mode Authentication. This is a definite advantage for users with Checkpoint and Cisco routers or any other VPN gateway that supports Hybrid Mode Authentication.

Simple Client Provisioning for SonicWALL

Simple Client Provisioning will automatically detect your SonicWALL VPN gateway and give VPN Tracker what it needs to connect - all you need is to enter your SonicWALL's IP address, or host name, and VPN Tracker does the rest. For administrators and those looking to deploy VPN Tracker to multiple users, SonicWALL Simple Client Provisioning is now available in both VPN Tracker Professional and Player Editions. VPN Tracker is the VPN client of choice for SonicWALL Mac users.

Mode Config

Whether you are connecting to a Netgear, Juniper Networks or Lancom VPN gateway, VPN Tracker can use Mode Config to automatically obtain IP addresses and DNS settings to take the hassle out of administrating multiple VPN users.

Mobile User VPN for WatchGuard

VPN Tracker works great with WatchGuard's easy-to-configure Mobile User VPN. IP addresses and DNS settings are automatically transmitted to VPN Tracker making the rollout of VPN connections a breeze.

Cisco Easy VPN

If you're working with Cisco devices, configuration will be a snap with VPN Tracker's support for Cisco Easy VPN connections. No need to worry about configuring IP addresses, remote networks and various other settings - VPN Tracker works with your Cisco VPN gateway behind the scenes to take care of this for you.


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