The #1 VPN Client for Mac OS X and macOS

The #1 VPN Client for Mac OS X and macOS

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VPN Tracker 365 for Business

Give all the members on your team the full power of VPN Tracker 365 VIP. Advanced rollout and management tools give you the visibility and control you need to power your team's VPN productivity. 

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VPN Tracker 365 for enterprises

Configure remote workflows for employees

Create a common VPN work environment for your users: Prepare pre-configured VPN Shortcuts for them. Your employees will have access to all the important connections to the server and databases, without grappling with elaborate IPs and time-consuming setups. The configured VPN Shortcuts can then easily be exported and shared.

Enterprise Installer

VPN Tracker is designed for seamless rollout with your preferred Device Management Solution.

Remote Connection Wipe

VPN Tracker 365 Remote Connection Wipe allows a Team Manager to remotely remove all team connections from a team member’s computer. The 'Remote Connection Wipe' feature is included on all VPN Tracker 365 plans.

Import users

Import a list of your employees who need VPN access and auto-enroll them in your VPN Tracker team.

Control over VPN configuration

Prevent saving passwords to meet internal security policy requirements. Disable employee access to sensitive configuration settings to prevent accidental changes or disclosure of the connection configuration.

VPN Tracker Team Management

If there are several VPN users in your organisation, it can be difficult to keep track of who has access to your secure VPN. That’s why every VPN Tracker user gets their own account and plan. Our secure Team Management tool makes it simple to manage employees’ VPN Tracker access.

Easy Team Management

Create a group, invite users and assign the plans – all in a few clicks. There’s no need to send any licence keys, a new team member will get a familiar email invite. You can also change plans or remove the user if a colleague doesn’t need VPN Tracker anymore.

High Security

With Team Management, you don’t need to share a password and take security risks to access VPN Tracker. Each user has their own equinux account and plan, and you are confident in the VPN access control.

Remote Connection Wipe

If a colleague ever leaves the team, you can easily revoke their plans and remotely remove your company’s connection from their computer. Just set up the “Remote Connection Wipe” option before sharing the connection. You can also use it if one of the users loses a MacBook. This prevents any unauthorized VPN access without changing the connection for the all other team members.