The #1 VPN Client for Mac, iPhone and iPad

The #1 VPN Client for Mac, iPhone and iPad

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VPN Tracker - Built with privacy in mind

Here in equinux we believe in the great importance of privacy. That is why we built VPN Tracker and have been protecting sensitive data for more than 15 years. VPN Tracker 365 is the leading VPN solution for macOS and is trusted by enterprises with the highest security standards.

Encrypted & protected

No matter which equinux VPN product you are using, we always strongly encrypt each piece of your information before sending it. VPN Tracker supports encryption up to AES-256 to satisfy even the most demanding security standards.

Company Connect: Your data, your networks

When you use VPN Tracker Company Connect, you establish a direct connection between you and your company network from your Mac. We encrypt your data and set up a secure VPN tunnel to protect your information. Our servers don’t ever get involved – they can never see your data.

World Connect: Secure & private

With VPN Tracker World Connect, your encrypted data first goes to our secure VPN servers, located all over the world. The server then connects to the internet on your behalf. Although your data passes through our servers in this case, we do not log or store any data.

Secure Cloud Features

Personal Safe - only you can access your connections and Shortcuts

Personal Safe allows you to store your connections and VPN Shortcuts (Team Member Plus, Pro, and VIP plans only) on our secure servers and access them later even from a new Mac. We store only strongly encrypted copies of your connections. Only you can decrypt the connections with your own key and use them, so only you can access your remote network.

If you use VPN Tracker 365 Pro or VIP, your Accounting data will also be encrypted and saved on our servers as a part of your connection.

Team Features: Protect your team's privacy

If you use Team Management, we collect information about your team’s user accounts, assigned plans, active devices, plus time and date of last login. This information is necessary for your team's protection. We constantly monitor the accounts activity and will send you an alert if any unauthorized access is detected.

Just like Personal Safe, TeamCloud is also completely secured via end-to-end encryption so that only you and your team have access to your connection data. Each connection you save in TeamCloud is encrypted with user-specific encryption keys for additional security.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What data do you collect?
  • We never collect any of your traffic data, including data content, traffic destination, downloads or browsing history. However when you log into VPN Tracker 365, your device sends us information necessary to identify itself. That is why we see your user ID, the time and the date of your login, your IP address and information about the device you use to login. This data is used to identify you as a license owner and helps us protect your account from unauthorised access, as we are constantly monitoring any suspicious behavior. When you’re using Personal Safe and TeamCloud, we also store metadata that lets us sync your connection. That includes the name, the last time you synced the connection and the version of the encryption scheme that was used.
  • Do you store my connections if I don’t use TeamCloud or Personal Safe features?
  • No. We do not have any access or information about your connections, if you don’t use Personal Safe or TeamCloud. VPN Tracker 365 automatically makes a backup on your Mac of all of your VPN connections for the last 16 days, so you can access them if necessary. We don’t have any access to these backups, as they’re securely stored locally on your Mac. 
  • Do you know my password?
  • No, we don't see any plain text passwords. All the passwords are strongly encrypted.
  • But if it is true, how can you restore my login information, if I forget it?
    You can retrieve your equinux ID or password using this form. You just need to enter your equinux ID or email address there. After you do, we will send you a link, where you can set up a new password. This new password will be encrypted and it will replace the old one in the system. If you are unable to retrieve your username and password using the form, please contact the support team for assistance.
  • Do you have the access to passwords that I’m entering while using VPN?
  • No, we don’t have any access to text you type while using VPN.
  • Do you share or sell my info to third parties or advertisers?
  • We don’t sell your data to any third parties. Our services are not free of charge, so we have no need to do this. However, for the sales and operations of our products, we rely on specialised processors that enable us to offer you the best possible service. 
  • Is my data secure? Can anyone get an unauthorized access to it?
  • We use strong technical and organizational security measures to protect the data you provide against loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. We constantly improve our security measures based on the current state-of-the-art.

For more detailed information, please refer to our full Privacy Policy.
Please contact us, if you have any other questions.