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The #1 VPN Client for Mac, iPhone and iPad

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TeamCloud - Centralized security management for teams

VPN Tracker 365 TeamCloud is a centralized, cloud-based security management solution for teams, featuring the highest end-to-end encryption standards to keep your connection data secure.

Use TeamCloud to roll out pre-configured VPN connections and Shortcuts with your team, remotely update configurations, and centrally manage endpoint security settings.

With TeamCloud you can:

  • Securely share company VPN connections and Shortcuts with colleagues
  • Update connections centrally and roll out changes across your team
  • Remotely delete connections with Remote Connection Wipe
  • Determine and configure endpoint security settings for users (coming later)

Who can use TeamCloud?

TeamCloud is available in all VPN Tracker 365 editions: Create and update VPN connections with VPN Tracker 365 Pro, VIP and Consultant, receive pre-configured connections and Shortcuts with any VPN Tracker 365 edition. Learn more...

Why should I use TeamCloud for my Team?

  • Seamless onboarding workflow for new team members: Minimise support issues thanks to pre-configured settings
  • VIP CONSULTANT TeamCloud Groups: Enjoy full control over your connections - with custom access controls
  • Hassle-free security updates: Instantly push connection changes with no end-user action required
  • Highest security standards guaranteed - with end-to-end encryption for all your connection data
  • More flexibility for remote working: Connections and essential Shortcuts all saved in your team’s account

Upgrade now to unlock TeamCloud benefits

In order to save and sync VPN connections and Shortcuts in TeamCloud and use additional features such as TeamCloud Security Settings (coming soon), you require a VPN Tracker 365 Pro, VIP or Consultant license.

The license you choose depends on your intended use case: For example, an admin for one small team of users with fewer advanced VPN requirements would strongly benefit from a Pro plan. For network admins managing multiple teams of users, a VIP plan which includes multi-team support is the right choice. And a consultant who is managing a large number of customer connections, should choose a Consultant plan.

The table below provides a full overview of the key features and benefits of each plan:

Target Group
For advanced VPN users and admins on small teams
For consultants and network admins
For consultants and network admins
Centralized Security Management
Manage Team connections
Number of Team connections
Number of Team shortcuts
Corporate Branding
Additional Security Settings
TeamCloud Groups
Basic Endpoint Information (coming soon)
Advanced Endpoint Protection (coming soon)
Manage teams with Team Member & Team Member Plus licences
Manage multiple customer teams
Remotely delete VPN connections
Updates & Upgrades
All Security Updates
New features for customers
All new features
VPN Setup Support
Advanced Support
Setup Concierge
Quick support reply
within 48h
within 24h
within 24h
Account Representative