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The #1 VPN Client for Mac, iPhone and iPad

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Cisco Meraki MX84

Enterprise-ready security solution

Recommended forEnterprise (50+ users)
Supported VPN standardsIPsec
Max. number of VPN users250
Built-in WiFino
Additional featuresReal-time diagnostic and troubleshooting, remote deployment, intrusion-prevention sensor

Our review:

Cisco Meraki MX84 is a perfect choice for medium-sized branch offices that are willing to use Unified Threat Management solution system. MX84 allows to use up to 100 simultaneous VPN IPSec connections on 250 Mbps speed and offers additional security features. For example, you can enable malware protection to prevent unwanted file downloads or use web safe-search together with the encrypted search blocking to effectively protects your web search.

MX84 also allows web caching for extra convenience and productivity of the working time. It accelerates access to important web sources on low bandwidth networks by caching up to 1TB heavy multimedia content.

How to configure VPN on Cisco Meraki MX84

You can prepare your Cisco Meraki MX84 to VPN connection in a few simple steps:

  1. Connect to your Meraki's web interface.
  2. Go to "Security Appliance" and write down your Public IP address or Host name and "Local LAN".
  3. Enable VPN in "Security Appliance" > "Client VPN". Enter and note your "Client VPN subnet" and "Secret".
  4. Add a new user in "Security Appliance" > "Client VPN". Don't forget to set the user as authorized.

How to set up a Mac VPN connection for Cisco Meraki MX84

Follow these steps to configure a VPN Tracker 365 connection for Cisco Meraki MX84 router:

  1. Download for free and install VPN Tracker 365.
  2. Click "File" > "New" > "Company Connection" . Search for Cisco Meraki > MX Series and click "Create" to build a new VPN connection.
  3. Enter your public IP address in the "VPN Gateway", choose Host to Network topology and fill in your credentials. Click "Done".
You can also use our detailed Configuration Guide for a step-by-step walkthrough.

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Please refer to the official Cisco Meraki website for more device info.