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SonicWall NSsp 15700

The SonicWall Network Security services platform (NSsp) firewall series are powerful advanced threat protection solutions designed for large enterprises and data centers.
On this page, we take you through the key specification for the NSsp firewalls, as well as all you need to know about setting up an IPsec or SSL VPN connection for your SonicWall NSsp 15700 firewall.

VPN throughput32 Gbps
SeriesSonicWall Network Security services platform firewalls
ModelNSsp 15700
Recommended forEnterprise (50+ users)
Supported VPN standardsIPsec, SSL
Max. number of VPN users2,000 - 10,000
User management on deviceYes
Device StatusActive

Configure IPsec VPN for a SonicWall NSsp firewall

Follow these steps to set up an IPsec VPN connection on your NSsp firewall using Simple Client Provisioning:
  1. Open the network interface for your device.
  2. Note down the public IP address.
  3. Configure the Pre-Shared Key / Shared Secret (check our detailed configuration guide for more information and SSL VPN setup.)
You are now ready to set up your VPN connection on your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Set up VPN for a SonicWall NSsp 15700

Connecting to IPsec VPN on your SonicWall firewall? VPN Tracker is fully compatible with SonicWall Simple Client Provisioning, which makes it easy to import your VPN connection settings from your NSsp to your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Use our step-by-step connection wizard to connect to SonicWall IPsec VPN on Mac or iOS in VPN Tracker:

    Connect to SonicWall VPN      

SonicWall SSL VPN client for Mac and iOS

Connecting to SonicWall SSL VPN? VPN Tracker supports SonicWall SSL connections on Mac, iPhone and iPad! Get started in just a few clicks.
Connect to SonicWall SSL VPN →