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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X

The Ubiquiti EdgeMax EdgeRouter series comprises of a diverse range of sophisticated router/firewalls, starting at entry level for home office and small business users and scaling up to meet the more advanced needs of medium businesses and branch offices.
For their comparatively low price, EdgeRouter models with EdgeOS software offer an array of advanced features, commonly seen on higher end devices: including, QoS, DPI, DHCP services, VPN, Firewall features, Dynamic DNS and much more - making them a top choice for many businesses looking to upgrade their networking infrastructure.
On this page, you can find the key technical specification for the entry-level EdgeRouter X as well as step-by-step instructions on how to set up a VPN connection for your EdgeRouter device.

Recommended forHome office (1-5 users)
Supported VPN standardsL2TP
Built-in WiFino
ProcessorDual-Core 880 MHz
Additional featuresCentralized Management (UNMS), EdgeOS, Firewall, Wall-Mountable, Dynamic DNS, RADIUS Client
Device StatusActive

Configure VPN for a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

Follow these steps to set up a VPN connection to your EdgeRouter:
  1. Open the network interface for your EdgeRouter device.
  2. Set up the L2TP server and user authentication.
  3. Configure the firewall (check our detailed configuration guide for more information.)

You are now ready to configure your connection on your Mac.

Set up a Mac VPN connection for a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter ER-X

VPN Tracker is the best macOS VPN client for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter devices. The VPN Tracker Configuration Assistant for EdgeRouter helps you set up secure remote access to your EdgeRouter in seconds:
  1. Open the EdgeRouter L2TP VPN Connection Creator and log in / create a free account
  2. Enter your EdgeRouter's IP address or host name, then follow the steps in the Configuration Assistant
  3. Once you've completed all the steps, save your new VPN connection in your account for secure remote access to your EdgeRouter on your Mac
You can now use your Ubiquiti EdgeRouter VPN connection on your Mac. You can find more detailed device info for EdgeRouter devices here.

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