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Securepoint Black Dwarf G5 Pro Firewall

Securepoint offers a large range of VPN gateways with diverse features, meeting the needs of home office users all the way up to enterprise level.

The Black Dwarf VPN gateway is an affordable entry-level model in Securepoint's NextGen UTM Firewall series and is perfectly suited to smaller offices and home office users.

On this page, we're taking you through all the most important specification of the Securepoint Black Dwarf VPN gateway as well as how to set up a secure and reliable VPN connection to your Securepoint device in VPN Tracker for Mac and iOS.

VPN throughput420 MBit/s
SeriesSecurepoint NextGen UTM-Firewall Appliances
Firewall throughput2830 MBit/s
ModelBlack Dwarf Pro G5
Recommended forSmall business (5-20 users)
Supported VPN standardsIPsec
Max. number of VPN users15
Built-in WiFioptional
Device StatusActive

Configure IPsec VPN for a Securepoint Black Dwarf UTM Firewall

Follow these steps to set up an IPsec VPN connection on your Securepoint NextGen UTM firewall:
  1. Open the network interface for your Securepoint firewall.
  2. Add a new IPsec connection
  3. Now follow the step-by-step instructions in our detailed configuration guide to set up the connection.
You can now set up remote access on your Mac, iPhone or iPad in VPN Tracker.

Get remote VPN access to Securepoint Black Dwarf on Mac and iOS

In order to connect to your new Securepoint VPN tunnel, you will need a VPN client. VPN Tracker is the best VPN client for Mac and iOS and is fully compatible with the latest Securepoint UTM firewalls. Follow these steps to start using your newly configured VPN connection on your Mac, iPhone and iPad in VPN Tracker:
  1. Open the VPN Tracker Connection Creator for Securepoint and create a free account
  2. Enter your device’s public (WAN) IP address, as well as the LAN address of the network you wish to access, your pre-shared key and user credentials.
  3. Click done to save your connection in your account and get secure access on Mac, iPhone and iPad

 You can now connect to your Securepoint Black Dwarf firewall on your Mac, iPhone and iPad. Find more detailed device info for Securepoint devices here.

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